Principal Message

I am delighted to share with you that Dayanand College is in seventy fifth year of its journey towards academic excellence. And in this Plantinum Jubilee year we reiterate, rededicate our commitment for our most earnest endeavours to continue to provide education that moulds ordinary folks into competent and confident individuals. I congratulate all of you for having chosen Dayanand College, Ajmer for your higher education pursuits as this College with a rich legacy, experience and goodwill shall definitely help you follow your goals and accomplish your dreams.
The world is changing and changing very fast and this change is breeding unprecedented challenges every moment. The only tool to combat these challenges and eventually overcome them is the right kind of education that can ensure intellectual, social, emotional and academic development. As responsible students on your way to become enlightened and talented professionals, you must learn to develop a “growth mindset” instead of carrying on with “fixed mindset” that impledes or blocks your instinct to learn. We, at Dayanand College practise and propagate the set of skills and techniques that enable our students discover and develop their strengths and potential vital for their transformation into the most useful asset for themselves as well as the society. Work hard, march ahead, conquer the world as you alone are the masters of your lives.