Fee Rules

Fee Rules
  • 1. The tuition fee is taken for the whole year ie from July to June and due to fixed dates. The delay charge will be payable as per the rules on payment of delay. If a student does not pay fees for fifteen days with a delay fee, then his name will be separated from the college. Entry delay for submission of application and admission fee will be given only after reimbursement of Rs. 300 vi. Student's absence of fee, after the name has been cut, will not count the attendance in class.
  • 2. After the admission of the students, leaving the college before filling the examination application without notice, they can be given the transfer certificate till December and the other students will be given only on submission of full tuition fee and other monthly fees by June. The outstanding amount will be taken from the informant's student till that time.
  • 3. Get the student's receipt for all payments from the college clerk.
  • 4. No entry fee will be returned after admission.
  • 5. It is in the student's interest to deposit the fees at regular and fixed times.
  • 6. Until the end of the session, no student will be able to sit in the examination without paying the dues of the college and the hostel.
Duty guideline
  • 1. At the time of admission, other annual fees will be charged with the first installment of the fee.
  • 2. The second installment of the curriculum and the examination fee prescribed by the University will be taken in the year 2021.
  • 3. The indebtedness is returned only in the summer holidays from 15 May to 15 June every Tuesday and Saturday.

 The amount is returned when

  • Student leaves college
  • Student fails in a class.
  • Be a final year student in graduate or postgraduate exam. In the last year, after 30th May, such demand amount which has not been sought, will come under the control of the college and will not be payable.
  • No refund of Fee after admission.
  • Tuition Fee is taken for the whole session- i.e. from July to June on fixed dates. Late Fee as per rules shall be applicable.
  • At the time of admission, Annual Charges and First Installment of Tuition Fee shall be charged.
  • Second Installment of Fee along with University exam fee / charges in October 2020.