Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

Awards and certificates are given to students receiving highest positions in academic, cultural, sports and other activities of the students studying in Dayanand College every year. These students are honored by the special guest at the annual award distribution ceremony. There is also a provision for giving scholarships to highly qualified students. Apart from this, the student getting first place in various subjects is also given gold medal. The best students and students of the college are honored with gold medals. By awarding prizes, scholarship and medal, students are encouraged to move forward in life. More than 200 students are rewarded every year. Session 2017-2018 also plans to provide the following scholarships and medals

(Late) Shri K R Vable Gold Medal for the best Girl student instituted by Dr Meena Sharma former lecturer between Dept of History, Dayanand College, Ajmer.

  • 1. The schoolgirl should be the regular student of the college for at least two years.
  • 2. Students should not be on any post of student union.
  • 3. In the current session, he has not been penalized for any crime.
  • 4. Present proof that the student is contributing to the overall development of the college.
  • 5. The student has taken the exam before at least percentage points.
  • 6. Students should submit their contribution in various fields (cultural and educational activities) including certificates.

This medal will be given to the best student / student whose rules are as follows:
  • 1. Student should be a regular student of the college for at least two years.
  • 2. All examinations should get more than 60 percent marks.
  • 3. Students / students have performed very well in the cultural program.
  • 4. The student / student has performed very well in sports.
  • 5. The academic record of the student / student is of the highest level.
  • 6. The student / student has performed a lot of research in other academic and educational activities.

This medal is given to the student who gets the highest marks in the last year of the Agricultural Bachelor. Former student of this college, Dr. Rajendra Singh Pardoda-former Director General, ICAR. Has started on the name of his mother.

This medal is given to the best student of the college, whose rules are as follows
  • 1. The student should be regular student of the college.
  • 2. In the current session, he has not been penalized for any crime.
  • 3. The student 'B' certificates passed. Submit its evidence.
  • 4. Third year NCC camps should be done.
  • 5. Students should have two ATC camps.
  • 6. While participating in NCC, he should be involved in other activities.
  • 7. Priority will be given to those students who participated in RD Parade, NIC Camp, Social Service, Adventure Camp and other NCC activities.

This medal will be given to the student getting the highest marks in any of the three M.Com subjects.

Late Shri NN Raina Gold Medal sponsored by Dr AK Raina, former between Dept of ABST in the name of his grandfather.

Late Shri Premadhar Rawat Gold Medal for the Topper of MSc, Zoology.

Shri Srichand Gulab Rathi Gold Medal for topper in Geography at undergraduate and post-graduate level.

Late Smt Leela Bhatia Memorial Trophy for the best sports person of college instituted by Smt Champa Bijlani and Dr Deepak Bijlani, former Head, Dept of EAFM in the name of his Mother-in-law.

Late Shri Lahori Lal Ji Kulshreshtha Memorial Scholarship for the meritorious student of BSc.

Shri TB Ahuja Memorial scholarship for the poor and meritorious student.

Late Smt Sandhya Maheshwari Gold Medal by the Former Lady Lecturers, in the name of their colleague Lt Dr Sandhya for topper in BA (Final)