• Dayanand Gold Medal for the best student of the college.
  • (Late) Shri K R Vable Gold Medal for the best Girl student instituted by Dr Meena Sharma former lecturer between Dept of History, Dayanand College, Ajmer.
  • Smt Indira Devi Gold Medal for the topper of BSc Ag instituted by Dr Rajendra Singh Paroda, Former Chief Director, ICAR in the name of his mother.
  • Captain Raju Mishra Memorial Gold Medal for best NCC Cadet.
  • Late Shri GL Joshi Gold Medal for the Topper of MCom.
  • Late Shri NN Raina Gold Medal sponsored by Dr AK Raina, former between Dept of ABST in the name of his grandfather.
  • Late Shri Premadhar Rawat Gold Medal for the Topper of MSc, Zoology.
  • Shri Srichand Gulab Rathi Gold Medal for topper in Geography at undergraduate and post-graduate level.
  • Late Smt Leela Bhatia Memorial Trophy for the best sports person of college instituted by Smt Champa Bijlani and Dr Deepak Bijlani, former Head, Dept of EAFM in the name of his Mother-in-law.
  • Late Shri Lahori Lal Ji Kulshreshtha Memorial Scholarship for the meritorious student of BSc.
  • Shri TB Ahuja Memorial scholarship for the poor and meritorious student.
  • Late Smt Sandhya Maheshwari Gold Medal by the Former Lady Lecturers, in the name of their colleague Lt Dr Sandhya for topper in BA (Final)
Government Scholarship for the backward classes and OBC students.