President Message on 04th, April 2020

President Message on 04th, April 2020

Dayanand College Ajmer

Dear Elders, brothers & sisters,     

While the entire human race has got together to fight the deadly Virus which is running unabated attacking lacs of people and killing thousands, the news about the role of some misguided, fanatics is shocking. Their extremely wrong and deplorable behaviour of flouting the Lockdown rules and then, above all, pelting stones and spitting at the Doctors and other health workers, is absolutely intolerable. These medical and para-medical workers are our first and ONLY line of defence in our battle against COVID 19. They are our heros and Saviours. So, let us all pray to the Almighty to give wisdom to these misguided souls and guide their “Budhi” in the right direction.                          

I am deeply touched by the immediate and over whelming response to my appeal which I made two days ago. I have received numerous calls and mails supporting this move. Money is pouring into the DAV College Managing Committee Relief Fund Account. Many have given more than their one days salary. The Alumni of DAV have specially risen to answer this appeal. The money so collected will be transferred to the PM CARES FUND immediately. Under the dynamic leadership of our Honourable PM, Shri Narinder Modi ji, India seems to be fighting the battle in the correct way, and will, soon, see the end of Corona Virus. Let us strengthen the hands of our PM by following his advice of staying indoors, maintaining Social distancing, and ensuring good personal hygiene.         

I am great-full to the teachers who have shifted to the on line teaching methods. Many videos have been prepared by our teachers and new skills have been shown by them. I request the Directors to please search for talent amongst these teachers. I would like to start an Incubator for Principals of DAV. The talented ones and the ones with a spark can be trained to give them a better chance of becoming DAV Principals of tomorrow.     

I heard a story on TV yesterday that Vidur asked Yodhishtar. If the entire jungle was to burn, then which animals will survive ? Yodhishtar replied that the strong animals, like Lions, Tigers, Elephants, etc will all perish. Animals that can run very fast, like deer, rabbits, etc will also die. Only the animals that stay in their burrows will survive. So please stay at home, stay healthy, and stay gainfully employed.   

 Let us all pray to the Almighty to keep us united and give us the strength to tide over this crises. Take care ! I will be praying for you.     

Yours, in prayer,

Punam Suri


DAV College Managing Committee,

and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha.

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