BPEd (Bachelor of Physical education)

Course Fees 2024-25

Year Fees  
BPEd Ist Semester ₹19859
BPEd IInd Semester ₹8511
BPEd IIIrd Semester ₹19859
BPEd IVth Semester ₹8511
Total Course fees

Guidelines of regulations and model syllabus structure for B.P.ED. Two years programme (Four Semesters)

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) two years (Four Semesters Choice Based Credit System) Programme is a professional programme meant for preparing teachers of physical. The programme comprises of compulsory and optional theory as well as practical courses and compulsory school internship.

  • Eligibility Intake: Eligibility and Admission Procedure as per the NCTE norms and standards.
  • Duration: The B.P.Ed programme shall be of duration of two academic years, that is, four semesters. However, the students shall be permitted to complete the programme of admission to the programme.
  • The CBSE System: All Programmes shall run on Choice Based Credit System (CBSE). It is instructional package developed to keep pace with the developments in higher education and quality assurance expected in the light of liberalization and globalization in higher education.
  • Course: The team course usually referred to, as ‘papers’ is a component of a programme. All courses need not carry the same weight. The courses should define learning objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Courses of Programme: The B.P.Ed. Programme consists of a number of courses, the term ‘Course’ applied to indicate a logical part of subject matter of the programme. The following are the various categories of courses suggested for the B.P.Ed. Programme. Theory: Core Course: Elective Course. Practicum: Teaching Practices.
  • Semesters: An academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester will consist of 17-20 weeks of academic work equivalent to 100 actual teaching days. The odd semester may be scheduled from May/June to November/December even semester from November/December to May/June. The institution shall work for a minimum of 36 working hours in a week (five or six days a week).
  • Working Days: There shall be at least 200 working days per year exclusive of admission and examination processes etc.
  • Credits: The term ‘Credit’ refers to a unit by which the programme is measured. It determines the number of hours of instructions required per week. The total minimum credits, required for completing a B.P.Ed. Programme is 90 credits and each semester 20 credits.
  • There shall be examinations at the end of each semester, for first semester in the month of November/December; for second semester in the month of May/June.
  • A candidate should get enrolled / registered for the first semester examination. If enrollment/registration is not possible owing to shortage of attendance beyond condonation limit / rules prescribed OR belated joining OR on medical grounds, such candidates are not permitted to proceed to the next semester. Such candidates shall redo the semester in the subsequent term of that semester as a regular student; however, a student of first semester shall be admitted in the second semester, if he/she has successfully kept the term in the first semester.
  • Condonation: Student must have 75% of attendance in each course for appearing the examination. Students who have 74% to 65% of attendance shall apply for condoantion in the prescribed fee. Students who have 64% to 50% of attendance shall apply for condonation in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee along with the Medical Certificate. Students who have below 50% of attendance are not eligible to appear for the examination.
If a student is absent continuously for 15 working days in a semester, without permission of the principal, his registration semester will be cancelled and will be readmitted by paying 2000/- (in the presence of their parents).
  • Evaluation:  The performance of a student in each course is evaluated in terms of percentage of marks with a provision for conversion to grade point. Evaluation for each course shall be done by continuous internal assessment (CIA) by the concerned course of teacher as well as by the end semester examination and will be consolidated at the end of course.
  • Grading: Once the marks of the CIA (Continues Internal Assessment) and SEA (Semester End Semester) for each of the course are available, both (CIA and SIA) will be added. The marks thus obtained for each of the courses will then be graded provided in the first semester onwards the average performance within any semester from the first semester is indicated by Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) while continuous performance (including the performance of the previous semesters also) starting from the semesters is indicated by Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). CGPA is average or SGPA of all the semesters starting from the first semester to the current semester.
  • Classification of Final Results: For the purpose of declaring a candidate to have qualified for the Degree of Bachelor of Physical Education in the First class / Second class / Pass class or First class with Distinction, The 2 years B.PEd. Curriculum | 7 marks and the corresponding CGPA earned by the candidate in Core Courses will be the criterion. It is further provided that the candidate should have scored the First/ Second Class separately in both the grand total and end semester (External) examinations.
  • Award of the B.P.Ed. Degree: A candidate shall be eligible for the award of the degree of the B.P.Ed. Only he /she have earned the minimum required credit including Bonus Credits of the programme prescribed above.
  • Letter Grades and Grades Points: The grades for each course would be decided on the basis of the percentage marks obtained at the end-semester external and internal examinations as per following table: Percentage Grade Point Latter Grade Description Classification of final Result 85 & above 8.5-10..0.Outstanding First Class with Distinction 70-84.99 7.0-8.49 A+ Excellent 60-69.99 6.0-6.99 A  Very Good First Class 55-59.99 5.5-5.99 B+ Good Higher Second Class 50-54.99 5.0-5.49 B Above Average Second Class 40-49.99 4.0-4.99 C Average Pass Class Below  40.00 F Fail/Dropped 0 AB Abs.