Faculty Of Science

Post Graduate Courses MSc

Course Fees 2023-24

Year MSc. Zoology Previous  MSc. Zoology Final
Ist Semester ₹24500 ₹25270
IInd Semester ₹10500 ₹10830
Total Year Wise fees ₹31700 ₹34200

MSc. Zoology

For the students of M.Sc. (Zoology) Two Years, that is, Four Semesters programme shall be permitted. For admission students can contact Head, Department of Zoology.

No. of Seats – 15 students. Admission as per rules of MDS University, Ajmer / Directorate of Education, Jaipur.

Academic Qualifications: - Bachelor Pass students related subjects: Zoology, Botany and Chemistry.

MSc. (Previous) Semester-I

Paper I – Taxonomy, Biodiversity and Wild Life

Paper II – Structure & Functions of 

Paper III – Biochemistry and Immunology

Paper IV – Physiology and Endocrinology

Paper V – Practical’s

MSc. (Previous) Semester-II

Paper VI – Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Paper VII – Genetics & Biological Techniques

Paper VIII – Evolution

Paper IX – Quantitative Biology

Paper X – Practical’s

MSc. (Final) Semester-III

Paper XI – Biology of Chordates

Paper XII – Developmental Biology

Paper XIII – Special Paper (B) Environmental Biology

Paper XIV – Special Paper (B) Environmental Biology

Paper XV – Practical’s

MSc. (Final) Semester-IV

Paper XVI – Ecology

Paper XVII – Ethology

Paper XVIII – Special Paper (B) Environmental Biology

Paper XIX – Special Paper (B) Environmental Biology

Paper XX – Practical’s


Special Note:-
  1. According to the rules of the curriculum and the University in the academic session, it is mandatory for students to go on an academic excursion.
  2. It is compulsory for all the students to come to the prescribed uniform in the classroom.

MSc.  Physics