U.G. Programme in Business Administration


U.G. Programme in Business Administration

BBA (Bachelor in Business Adminstration)

The BBA course is a full-time, three-year graduation programme,which aims at transforming a student into a corporate personality. This course with its intensive syllabus and a wide range of value addition modules would indeed enable the student to aspire for higher studies in premium business school in India and abroad. Being a professional course it ensure a healthy balance between theoretical foundation and practical exposure to the present day business world. The objective of imparting instruction for this develop an all-round personality that would enable the students to take up the challenges of the corporate world and also become responsibility citizen of our society.

Course Fees 2024-25

Year Fees  
BBA Ist Semester ₹20000
BBA IInd Semester ₹20000
BBA IIIrd Semester
BBA IVth Semester
Total Course fees

The objective of the course is to equipstudents with necessary inputs to: Excel inpremier business schools. Take up challengingresponsibilities inthe corporate sector of public administration.
To foster thinking minds that are sensitive to societal needs and issues thus making them good human beingand responsible members of society.
Join industry,business and non-profit organizations Seek entrepreneurial of self-employment positions especially in small. medium and service sectors.

BBA Part ISemester I

  • BBA 101-Environmental Science and Management
  • BBA 102-English Comprehension
  • BBA 103-Principles of Business Management
  • BBA 104-Business Mathematics
  • BBA l05-Basics of Accounting

BBA Part ISemester II

  • BBA 201-Organisation Behaviour
  • BBA 202-Business Statics I
  • BBA 203-Computers for Management
  • BBA 204-Business Regulatory Framework
  • BBA 205-Micro Economics

BBA Part IISemester II

  • BBA301-Macro Economics
  • BBA302-Cost Accounting
  • BBA303-Business Statics II
  • BBA304-Functional Management
  • BBA305-Business Communication and Managerial Skills

BBA Part IISemester IV

  • BBA 401-Company Law
  • BBA 402-Business Research
  • BBA 403-Purchase  Management
  • BBA 404-Quality   Management
  • BBA 405-Office  Management

    BBA Part Ill Semester V

      • BBA 501-Computerized Financial Accounting
      • BBA 502-Business Information System
      • BBA 503-Business Environment
      • BBA 504-Management Accounting
      • BBA 505-Summer Training and Viva Voce